About us

The Company

New Equilibrium Biosciences is dedicated to developing new medicines through cutting edge science and cross–disciplinary collaborations. We leverage our computational–experimental platform to discover lead drug candidates that regulate intrinsically disordered proteins implicated in cancers and neurodegenerative disorders.

Mission + Vision

Our mission is to develop new medicines for life-threatening diseases, with a focus on extending healthspan.
We envision a future where precision medicines can be provided for all diseases on demand.

Our Values



We work as a team, encourage inter-disciplinary collaboration, and help each other succeed.



We break down problems and create original solutions.


Outside the Box

We believe some of the best ideas are sparked by exploring outside of our expertise. 



We persevere toward our goals, and we trust our gut about when to pivot our approach.



We believe communication is key to a functioning team.


Grounded in Science

We look at the data first and repeatedly.


We are thrilled to have received seed funding from RA Capital and Petri/Pillar and to have been part of Petri’s first accelerator cohort. We are also honored to have received a SBIR Phase I Award from NSF starting September 2020 and the 2021 Spark Award from Servier sponsoring our bench at LabCentral. The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and MassBio have provided immeasurable support in helping us get started!