Jorge Garcia Fortanet, Ph.D.

Jorge obtained his international Ph.D. from Universitat Jaume I in Spain, working on the asymmetric synthesis of natural products. During his Ph.D., Jorge also worked at the University of Cambridge (UK), where he investigated organocatalysis, and at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (US), working on photoesterifications. After a postdoctoral training at MIT developing metal-catalyzed asymmetric methodologies and C-F cross-coupling, he moved into pharma, working as a medicinal chemist at Novartis Institutes of Biochemical Research. Before joining New Equilibrium as Head of Chemistry, Jorge also worked at Tempero (GSK) and, more recently, at Casma Therapeutics.

Holding more than 40 patents and publications, during his years in the industry, Jorge has worked in multiple disease areas, including oncology, immuno-oncology, immuno-inflamation, and neuromuscular diseases. When he is not working, Jorge enjoys practicing indoor and outdoor sports as well as gardening.